NAIHBR New Construction Homebuyer Services – A Great Place to Start

As NAIHBR members, you know about the great marketing services that NAIHBR can provide you and your sellers, but did you know NAIHBR can help you with your BUYER clients as well? Lately, many of our Realtor members have been sending their new home buying clients to us first, before starting the process of finding a lot or a builder. Here are some of the reasons why so many of our members are registering their clients with NAIHBR:

1. NAIHBR agents have access to exclusive properties not found on the MLS. Provide your clients the best selection of properties and bring value other agents cannot.

2. Your clients deserve a choice! NAIHBR will provide them several builders to select from, providing them real options for their new home build. They can choose the builder that is right for them and have a choice regarding everything from the style of the home to the price.

3. You work hard for your commissions, protect them. NAIHBR members who have their clients registered are ensured of receiving their real estate commissions, because NAIHBR builder members agree to work with the real estate community. No more wondering if a builder will try to bypass you or renegotiate your commissions.

4. Get paid now, not when the build is complete in 12 months! With NAIHBR’s special arrangement with the area’s best new construction lenders, all real estate commissions are paid up front, before the build even starts! It is new construction agency, done right.

5. New construction, and all of the variables and decisions associated with it, can be complicated. Having a NAIHBR expert that has been through the process many times before makes it much easier. Leverage NAIHBR’s extensive experience to help guide your clients through the process and make it go smoothly for both them, and yourself.

6. Additional buyer leads are nice, especially when they are looking for a new home and lot package. At NAIHBR, we are introduced to new construction homebuyers all the time. When they are looking for a quality agent, we go to the list of NAIHBR buyer agents who have registered their clients with us in the past. These are the agents committed with working with us, so we reward them with the home buyers that are brought to NAIHBR who are unrepresented.

NAIHBR is here it help you and your clients make the best of their new homebuilding experience. As NAIHBR Association members, we are here for you.

Register your new construction buyers today! It is easy. Just go to www.naibrs.org/register-new-construction-buyer-opportunity to register your buyers and take advantage of all the NAIHBR’s benefits today!

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