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September 2020

NAIBRS’ sponsor, Proposed Properties, has launched a seminar series titled “NEXT”, designed to help agents with practical application their New Contruction Specialist certification.

“Its very common for agents to reach back out to us after the NCS training and say something like “well that was great, but what do I do next?”

The NEXT seminar series picks up on how to put a new construction focus into practice for real estate professionals. The sessions will be interactive and cover topics such as

  • Prospecting and generating opportunities 
  • Mastering the listing presentation
  • Navigating buyers through the new construction process
  • Identifying teardowns and applying the 10% rule
  • Expanding your sphere of influence
  • and more…

NEXT is offered free to any NCS certified agent. For the next avaible session please visit the page to register.

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