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Rebuilding value in our local communities and creating jobs through new home building and remodeling.

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Today’s Market Needs a New Approach

Our US housing market is undergoing dramatic changes.

A shortage of housing inventory continues to constrain many real estate markets from fully recovering. New home construction is a fraction of the pre-market crisis. Interest rates are also trending higher, thus making homes more expensive for both new build and renovation. In addition, the building process is more complicated than buying ready-made. With today’s fragmented process with land developers, architects, builders, lenders and realtors, it is no wonder that the market is not moving as fast as we’d like.

NAIBRS provides advocacy to both professionals and consumers. Our activities are designed to help connect realtors with builders and to shorten the transaction time by a streamlined process. Since we already have thousands of members, we are able to generate economies of scale and savings that can ultimately help consumers. Our vision is help communities build up and enhance their housing stock. We can all do well, by doing good.

NAIBRS promotes community development and awareness throughout the housing industry.


NAIBRS provides professional and consumer based education programs centered around affordable construction and financial programs to facilitate growth.


NAIBRS brings together a network of thousands of housing related professionals together to help communities rebuild and redevelop.


NAIBRS strives to empower members through its network of programs and people to help communities rebuild and reinvest in their communities.

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