Many potential home buyers shy away from buying new construction homes because they have bought into the pervasive myths about the cost and process. But building a new home is less expensive and less stress-inducing than you might think. Here is the truth about common new construction myths.

“It’s too expensive”

The idea that new homes are more expensive than existing homes is easily the most common myth about new construction. New homes get this reputation because they are typically larger than existing homes. Your builder can design a home that fits your budget. Plus, most new homes are much more energy efficient so you will save on your energy bills in the long run. You also don’t have to worry about the unexpected expense of repairing a leaky roof or decrepit plumbing.

“You Can’t Build in Winter”

Yes, winter construction is a thing. No, building materials won’t get destroyed by snow; they’re treated to withstand the elements.  Yes, concrete treated with calcium chloride to help it cure in cold weather is just as strong as concrete poured in warm weather. All concrete must meet strict building code requirements so you shouldn’t be concerned about the quality of concrete surfaces. As long as the foundation is in place before the ground freezes, you can still complete a project in winter months.

New Homes Lack Character and Charm”

A new home doesn’t need to look like a cookie-cutter house. Custom homes can be designed to include beautiful and unique architectural details, tall ceilings, wood-burning fireplaces or other charming features that make it yours.

Builders Never Finish on Time and Always Go Over Budget”

While there is not much builders can do about Mother Nature, most reputable homebuilders today have processes in place to ensure that your home is built in a timely manner and under budget. Your builder should provide you with a detailed pricing sheet that lays out the costs for labor and materials. He should also communicate regular updates so you understand the process and timelines.

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