DuPage Habitat for Humanity now working with NAIHBR to help communities.

Habitat for Humanity DuPage

Two of NAIHBR’s core values are investing in the development of communities and giving back, especially to assist those that have worked hard to achieve the dream of home ownership. No organization embodies this mission more than Habitat for Humanity. Their goals of financial education, homeowner preparedness, assistance to those in need of housing, and community development are aligned with NAIHBR’s core values of how to “do good” in a community.

Our new partnership between NAIHBR and DuPage Habitat for Humanity has 3 key aspects, all based on identifying what being a “Good NAIHBR” is all about. They are:
  • Working together to recycle and reuse as much material as possible prior to the demolition of a current home. It is amazing what can be reused or recycled instead of simply going into a landfill. Our new partnership will reduce waste, and drive us towards more sustainable home renovation.
  • NAIHBR is committed to the financial assistance of Habitat to better support its mission. To that point, NAIHBR has committed to make a financial donation directly to Habitat for Humanity, for every transaction that goes through the NAIHBR service network. We are also asking our builder partners to match our donation on a local level, to an assistance program with similar goals. In DuPage County, for example, a builder would make a matching donation to H.O.M.E DuPage.
  • Programs and financial donations are all beneficial, but there is no substitution for personal time. Promoting volunteerism is a key aspect to the NAIHBR-Habitat partnership, and NAIHBR will regularly be informing our membership about Habitat volunteer opportunities in their local communities and how to become a part of them.

Together, we can all rebuild and rejuvenate our communities and create an impact that will benefit our neighborhoods and the families that live there for generations to come. Habitat for Humanity – Welcome to the NAIHBR family!

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