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By James Pesavento, Director NAIBRS

April 2020, Newsletter

Our industry is experiencing the front-end of Covid-19 with stay-at-home orders and open houses coming to a standstill. Many agents are seeing the balance of their pipeline dry up and are uncertain of their future.  It is a scary time but from this pandemic, comes a time to reflect and define your perspective.

We rarely have the opportunity to step back and truly look at the things we can do to grow our business, differentiate our service offerings, and meet the changing needs of our buyer clients. “What will I do with this time to grow my business and create new opportunities now and in the future?” is a thought running through all our minds.   

As real estate professionals we tend to see the world as “glass half full.”  With today’s uncertainty it is critical to be positive about taking control.

The question is….How?


Many of us feel isolated.  The true human need for contact with others is on full display due to the solitary conditions that have become the new normalcy in our lives. We all have family, friends and clients going through the same thing.  We should check in on them and see if they need anything. People will remember the authentic concern in our neighbors.


Education is the great differentiator in our professional lives. With over 2 million+ licensees across the country, what is your competitive advantage? Now is a unique time to look at trends and position yourself to take advantage of the market opportunities that are right around the corner. Consider these facts…

  • 64% of home buyers are currently interested in new construction
  • Less than 1% of real estate professionals are properly trained to service this massive segment of the buyer’s market
  • Leading housing experts predict a mass migration of urban homeowners to the suburbs. After weeks of being in their small, concrete homes they will yearn for big spaces, backyards and fresh air. Most suburbs are experiencing a housing shortage already, so for many, new construction on open lots and teardowns will be the only option
  • Post COVID-19, new construction homes will be associated with being cleaner and safer, and therefore, more desirable

NAIBRS offers a New Construction Specialist class that provides this valuable education for the real estate community. This certification is valid for 2 years, and will prepare agents for the upcoming wave of opportunities that are right around the corner. Due to the recent pandemic and understanding today’s financial challenges, NAIBRS is offering a $10 discount on this class. Just use the code “NAIBRS” and you will get $10 off, as well as a one-year membership in NAIBRS.  We will always make it a priority to educate our members.


So, what can you do right now? Actually, more than you think. Now is the time to grow while others are fearful. Although selling existing homes has a series of challenges in today’s market, land is readily available (one lot in North Carolina went under contract last week), sellable, and if leveraged property – very profitable. Since NAIBRS has a valued partnership with Proposed Properties and their Lot2Home program, now is the time for top agents to build a mega-listing inventory of lots and proposed new homes. This can take the unassuming, low-dollar lot listing and turn it into income opportunities that generate 3-4X the commissions, while bringing in dozens of additional buyers leads. Our partners at Proposed Properties have perfected the process and in these difficult times, are showing agents how they can not only survive, but to prosper.  In one short year, Proposed Properties has over 147 Lot2Home properties representing $125 Million of potential sales.  Why not be part of the new construction wave and take advantage of the 1 million+ open lots for sale in the US. This does not even include the available tear-downs in the market. For more information, reach out to us here at NAIBRS.  We are here to help, and can always be reached at [email protected].

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