NAIHBR is proud to be working with some of the best service partners in real estate, lending, and construction to provide a more transparent and seamless experience for consumers. That is why so many of our members have decided to “Start With Your NAIHBR,” and introduce their clients to us. Clients can now understand the benefits of new construction, interact with the area’s best builders and receive guidance to make the home building process as easy and efficient as possible.


NAIHBR would like to welcome Proposed Properties as a Platinum Partner. Proposed Properties provides a sophisticated software platform that provides the matching services buyers need, allowing them to compare lots, builders, products and pricing. Agents can now register clients with Proposed Properties and the program will smoothly guide them through the home building process. You can even take a class and become certified as a New Construction Specialist (NCS) so you can take advantage of expanding construction opportunity in your market. Did you know over half of ALL buyers consider new construction before they buy? Save time and money by having your new construction homebuyer experience start with Proposed Properties.

For more information about Proposed Properties click below.

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