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Since being launched in the fall of 2017, the National Association of Independent Homebuilders and Remodelers has always had strong ties to the real estate community, and other professionals critical to the housing industry. Although rooted in the education and support of builders and remodelers, these other key service providers in the housing industry ecosystem have been essential components in NAIHBR as an organization. In an effort to recognize their contribution to the NAIHBR organization, the National Association of Independent Home Builders and Remodelers has been renamed The National Association of Independent Builders and Real-Estate Services, or NAIBRS!


This change has also been made to be more inclusive of real estate agents, lenders, title companies and other service providers that are key to the housing industry. And the change goes well beyond the name alone. NAIBRS will now be hosting classes and connecting members to other educational sessions for several of these specific groups to educate and promote the housing and contracting business, as well and create a more seamless and transparent experience for consumers.


Housing is a critical component of the US economy. For every single-family home built, 3 full time jobs are created. In additional, there is a significant economic lift and increased stability when new homes are constructed in a neighborhood. We are proud to be a part of this effort and support the housing industry.


To commemorate this change in our membership and organizational scope, NAIBRS will be offering new members a FREE year of membership in the organization until August 31st, 2019. That is a $49.95 value! Invite your friends and colleagues to join NAIBRS, and become a part of the movement that will promote and support the housing initiative in your community.

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