By Ms. Barrett, President of NAIBRS

As  your incoming president, I wanted to share my perspective on why NAIBRS is an important organization and mission. You work incredibly hard serving the needs of your clients, and for many of you it is not just a transaction, it’s a long relationship with someone who wants to plant roots in our community.

I’ve found myself in the real estate industry after a 13-year stint as a commodities trader on the Chicago floor.  My mom was a real estate agent, and I remember how each deal was more than a transaction.  There were families looking to buy their first home after having their first child. Subconsciously, I knew being in real estate is a real career opportunity.

When my colleagues at NAIBRS speak of our mission, it is about rebuilding our communities, creating jobs locally, filling a housing shortage, creating new ways to promote new construction, and creating a unified platform for many of us who are independent small business owners.

I have a new defined purpose for NAIBRS…we are wealth creators.  My colleague, Paul Imura, who is founding chairman of our organization, often addresses at  our conferences the impact the real estate.  If you sold a house ten years ago versus a car, which purchase turns out to be a better deal for the consumer.  Everyone understood the analogy, but  I wanted to see the expected numbers.  If you assume 4% appreciation for homes vs 15% depreciation for cars,  what happens after 10 years?    These are basic assumptions that we can find numerous supporting sources.

If we start with a $100,000 purchase (which is possible to buy a car or home today), in 10-years the home is worth $142K versus $22K.  

Although a fancy new car would be exciting initially, I think many homebuyers would be happy providing shelter for their families and then as a nice surprise, see their home worth more providing much needed wealth for important events like children going to college or one day, retirement.

My message is simple, we in the real-estate business are wealth creators.  I look forward working with you on driving more transactions, more happy clients, and more economic strength back to our communities. 


Sondra Barrett

President of NAIBRS

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